Návod na montáž odkvapového systému RoofArt – Roofart SK s.r.o.

Návod na montáž odkvapového systému RoofArt

Všetky tipy

1. Before fixing the hooks it’s necessary to draw a drainage slope towards the place where the pipes will be. Preferably the slope of the gutter should be 2 mm at each meter of its length. The distance between the hooks shouldn’t be more than 700-800 mm, and the hooks at the ends should be at 0,1 m from the edge of the roof.

2. It is recommended for the gutter to be mounted so that its outside would be 30-40 mm lower than the imaginary extension of the roof structure. Thus, the flow of water from the roof will not go over the gutter.

3. Before they’re fixed, the hooks (CJ) are bent under the angle of inclination of the roof with a special device, according to the drainage slope.

4. Using a saw and steel scissors a drainage slot is cut in the gutter, which shouldn’t be bigger than the diameter of the pipe, at the marked spot.

5. Two gutters that are to be joined are placed on the hooks without being fixed. The distance between the edges of the gutters will be 3-4 mm.

6. Internal and external corners (KI/KE) are fixed through bonding with the help of the gutter joint (BJ) and the gutter joint element (EJ).

7. Pipe bends at 60˚ (CB) are mounted in the gutter outlet (RA) and down in the pipe (BU). They are joined through the intermediate pipe (PB). The distance between the bends “a” is measured and 100 mm are added to it, 50 mm for each end of the intermediate pipe.

8. The universal stop (CU) end is fixed manually or using an elastic hammer at the end of the gutter, without using silicon because it destroys the gasket through time.

9. Pipe holders (BB) are fixed on the wall one under the other with dowels before pipes (BU) are installed. The maximum distance between two BB will not exceed 2 meters (in some cases the calculation of BB will not meet your requirements, the amount of BB will be calculated for each drainage).