„Our experience is shaped by failure and success” - an interview wi...

„Our experience is shaped by failure and success” - an interview with the director of RoofArt Group, Ilarion Ursu

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RoofArt placed itself on the metal tile market 15 years ago. During all these years they’ve done a lot of innovations with the simple purpose of bringing the final client products of the highest quality. An interview with Ilarion Ursu, the director of Conluxart and RoofArt shed light on the beginnings of the company and the products they’ve brought to the market in Republic of Moldova.

What were like these 15 years on the construction market in Republic of Moldova?

15 years passed quickly, I didn’t even notice when. We were challenged a long time ago when we decided that we want to achieve something valuable here in our country and things slowly settled down. We are in the roofing business since 1996-1997 when the market was new and the horizons just started to widen. At the beginning we brought ceramic tile then “Lindab” Swedish metal tile which became a source of inspiration for us when it came to quality. At the beginning the workshop was small and all the elements were handmade. We aimed producing performant and qualitative products so we started to invest. As of today we can affirm that we made it, but we still can grow even more.

During these 15 years we built the name RoofArt which now is a reference for other companies.

Lately people prioritize the price and lose the quality out of their sight, but we made quality one of our values. It can be hard. The local market lacks investments and a clear vision. Unfortunately, we have little support from the government. In Romania, for example, they make investment projects which happens rarely in Republic of Moldova.

Your company is on the construction market for over 15 years. How did you manage to keep the quality high all this time?

We are different from other companies in our field. We put our stakes on the quality first, the sales volume comes second. We don’t try to sell at any cost!

What is your biggest achievement for these 15 years?

The biggest achievement is the way that we have chosen for us – unique and qualitative products. A couple of years ago we were at a crossroad, we could do a lot of things, but we defined our vision and our market share. As a result, we shaped a fast production process capable to generate huge volumes of products. In this market you can gain either by selling small quantities of an expensive product or by creating a product which can be multiplied and sold in big quantities.

Through the quality of the products and its responsibility the company made itself a name on the national market. What other advantages does it offer?

We always are coming with new ideas and aim to improve our product. During these 15 years we were in an ongoing process of improving all of our products. The rainwater system RoofArt is made of 25 elements and all of them passed through a process of improvement made of 3 or even 4 stages. Initially we design the element, make a prototype and test it by installing. Engineering is an applicative job and these products are relatively new on our market. In 2000 we didn’t even have specialists in this area. All that we achieved in these 15 years happened only because we learned by ourselves. Our experience is shaped by failure as well as success.

Another idea that bloomed in 1999-2000, when RoofArt as a name didn’t even exist, was that we should divide the producing and the services activities. We understood that we have to diversify our activity and we developed a company that would speak by itself about what we do. That’s when “RoofArt” came along, this name describes perfectly our activity.

Tell us about the last RoofArt innovation.

The developing of the last product took a long time. At the beginning we had only the idea, but we were unable to make a key element. At one point - we made it. Considering the fact that this kind of equipment is expensive we prepared ourselves for a big investment, but not before we calculated its profitability. Otherwise we can’t talk about any development! The price for these products needs to be reviewed because they’re relatively expensive, that’s why now we are in search for new markets to recover our investments and to be able to invest in other equipment.

In the future we would like to acquire a couple of robots to replace the manual work at least in the production of the main elements.

What are your plans for the future by the way?

Our plan for the future is to develop a factory with a latter-day technology. At the moment the space that we have slows down our production process. At the same time, we are searching for resources to start the construction site. I hope that in the nearest future we will be able to realize this objective. We would like to develop other types of product as well. We are always searching and moving forward!